Workplace Impairment Training

Workplace Impairment Training

Drug and Alcohol Screening has been working closely with Blue-Knight, who wrote the Driver Impairment Programme for the UK police force, which was backed by the home office. 

Combining our areas of expertise we have developed the Workplace Impairment programme, providing drug and alcohol impairment training to all industries who employee a safety critical workers.


This training would be beneficial to the building and construction industry, shipping and ferry companies. DAS is committed to raising the awareness and reducing the risks of injury to self and others. Providing practical solutions for companies who take their duty of care seriously. Many tenders these days require subcontractors to be fully compliant, including drug and alcohol free whilst on-site. 


It has never been more important to have the right policies in place, including management training and employee education on-site and it's vital that anyone who produces a non-negative result has access to affective support. Drug and Alcohol Screening has been providing the fully accredited Addiction Free Mindset programme as part of the employers Employee Assistance Plan (EAP).


The aim of the the Workplace Impairment Programme is to raise awareness around the health and safety of individuals whilst carrying out their duties and the implications related to drug and alcohol impairment. Education increases morale, confidence and productivity as workers feel valued and appreciated, just knowing that their safety in the workplace matters.