Drug and Alcohol Screening 

When Service Matters

Who is D&A Screening?

D&A Screening is a private limited company. Established in May 2017, to provide companies and teams working in safety critical environments an effective means of reducing workplace impairments caused by both legal & illegal drugs and alcohol. Improving workplace safety and increasing productivity as a result.


Why it makes sense to use D&A Screening?

D&A Screening has developed effective and timely systems to complete screening while reducing operational impacts. Our Service delivery and technical teams are highly trained, experienced, and qualified both in data collection and Mental Health First Aid. This ensures that all personnel we screen can be confident in our ability to respond to the psychological impacts that screening can generate.


  • Testing at Sea

  • Logistic & Transport

  • Manufacturing

  • Supply & Storage

  • Retail

  • Office and other White-Collar environments


Our Dog teams are made up of some of the most experienced and professional working dogs and handlers in the country. They can quickly locate illegal drugs, large amounts of money and hand guns.

Collectively D&A Screening provides a phenomenal packaged service and an industry leading level of support. Companies can improve their safety critical areas. However, with D&A Screening they can also close the loopholes of supply, smuggling, and distribution of legal and illegal substances. Publicly raising their Safety Awareness of the impacts of Drugs and Alcohol and their response to ensure safety at every level. 


Our operational teams can deliver the full screening package including all chain of custody documentation and legal verifications. Our experiences allow, our clients to reduce the need for Company HR representative during screening.

All personnel screened as negative will receive a Fit for Duty Card, those that fail the screening (Non-Negative Result) will be issued a copy of the Chain Of Custody Record. All results will be emailed to the clients preferred HR representative on completion of the days screening.

All Non–Negative samples will be sent to our UCAS accredited laboratory and results will be available 72 hours following their receipt.

Why Screen for Drugs?