Test to Release! 

From the 15th December travellers arriving back into the UK can reduce their quarantine time from 14 days to 5 by obtaining a private test carried out by a healthcare professional. 

A simple test taken on day 5 will allow the traveller to no longer isolate, assuming the test result is NEGATIVE. 

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Antibody Testing

A simple blood test can detect if you have had the COVID-19 virus. Many have said they have experienced the symptoms, but very few have got the antibodies.


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* Warrington Clinic ONLY or In the North West area for home testing

Rapid Antigen Test

A sample taken from both the throat and each nasal passage is then analysed for COVID19. Results take 10-15 mins and come with a 'Fit' certificate. Can be used in the Workplace, School or University.

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Home for Christmas

Rapid test to ensure your home stays COVID Free. A rapid test can give your house guest the all clear during the Christmas gatherings. 

A fast, effective sample collection with results in 15 mins, with free COVID Free certificate. Book here


Fit to Travel - EU 

Logistic drivers are currently getting stuck in Kent and are unable to board ferries leaving the UK due to the Governments announcement of the 'new strain' of COVID.


If you wish to keep your drivers and cargo moving we offer a Rapid Lateral Test for anyone wishing to cross the Channel to France and the EU. Tests results within 15 mins, test certificate included for custom check at port of departure. Please note that this is only available for drivers based in the North West. 

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