DAS provides workplace impairment screening service, specialising in the health and wellbeing of those in  safety critical roles. Both in the private and public sector.  We are passionate about protecting people, especially when they are at work. After all most of us spend more waking hours at work than we do at home. 


D&A Screening exists to support employees and employers to make their working environment as safe as possible. By offering a bespoke Training & Screening service that meets the needs of your ever-evolving workforce, at all levels. Setting the standards of excellence in reducing workplace impairments across the UK.

Stress Bomb

Effective working practices

Protect profitability

Improve workplace safety

Safety in Numbers

Increase in health and wellbeing

Reduces risks of injury or death

Promotes brand profile

United We Stand

Reduce sickness & absenteeism

Increased awareness

Rise in staff confidence


Registered Office:

20-22 Wenlock Road,



N1 7GU

United Kingdom

0844 357 2687