Fingerprint Drug Screening

Fingerprint Drug Testing

Drug testing has just moved to another level. No longer do employers have to wait for to produce a urine sample, this new technology speeds up screening by analysing sweat from a individual fingerprint.


This process is non-invasive, more hygienic and much faster to process. This enables staff to return back to work and carry on their duties. For those in safety critical roles it allows for screening to take place either in the workplace or on-site, especially those working within the construction industry.


Other industries that would benefit from this new technology:

  • Those working from heights

  • Working with unguarded or moving machinery

  • Working with live electricity

  • Working over open water

  • Working alone

  • Vocational driving (Motorbikes, cars, lorries, taxis, coaches)

  • Piloting a plane

  • Air traffic, train or vehicle controllers

  • Waste disposal or recycling operatives

  • Working in confined places (in tanks or underground)

  • Working with vulnerable people (sheltered housing, care homes, nurseries

  • Healthcare workers

  • Laboratory workers

  • Night workers

  • Food handlers

  • Demolition 

Screening for the most common drugs of abuse:

  • Opiates

  • Amphetamine

  • THC

  • Cocaine

Verified results within 72 hours of sample donation which allows employers to make an informed decision as to how the employee will be dealt with. Either support or dismissal depending on company policy.