Workplace Impairment Screening

DAS offers an holistic approach to employees by providing a flexible and bespoke service. The health, safety and wellbeing of each person is paramount if a company is to excel and maintain their position as the market leaders. Sick staff don't make for a very profitable company. Workplace impairment screening gives employers peace of mind that their team is safe and their health is not being impacted by the working environment whilst gaining a Fit for Work certificate. 

Pre Employment Drug and Alcohol Screening - Urine

Screening potential employees before you hand them an application form is the safest way to filter out anyone who may be taking recreational drugs, abusing prescription medication or over indulging in alcohol. Pre-employment screening sends out a clear message to anyone wishing to join your company that you operate a Drug-Free Zone. 

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Random Drug and Alcohol Screening

On average 1:10 people will fail a drug test and this number is rising annually.  With the increase in cocaine abuse and prescription medication this is leaving employees at greater risk of injury to self or others, including the public. Providing random drug and alcohol screening sends out a clear message to all employees that mind-altering substances that impair judgement are not permitted on site. Nor is possession or buying/selling. The presence of the Drug and Alcohol Officer acts as a deterrent and gives the employer the confidence that their workforce is safe, which in turn improves the health and well-being of all. 


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