Logistics, Distribution & Warehouse Packages


A monthly package screens 1 full site 


Screening carried out throughout the month with multiple Random Screenings taking place during that month

Based on a maximum of 3 site visits and a minimum of 10, and a maximum of 15 members of staff screened at each visit, both mobile drivers and office staff.  




Up to 50 randomly selected Mobile Members, screened per month at pre-arranged sites


30 randomly selected, Office-based personnel 

1 delivery of D&A Screenings Impairment Awareness Training for 10 people each month at your Head Office


Covering a maximum of 3 sites per month.

Anti-Smuggling dog search of all staff arriving for work

Anti-Smuggling dog search of all offices and all company vehicles

Full Screen of office-based personnel

Screening of all staff identified by the Dog Team