Cocaine (COC)


The effects from a snort of cocaine does not last long and soon another hit is required to stablise the cravings. Often described as the weekend drug of choice, it would be very naive of employers to think that employees only use on their own time. 

With the buzz lasting not much more than 20-30 minutes it's not long before another hit is needed.Cocaine is a class A drug and it's illegal to be in possession of or deal. Steps must be taken to reduce the risk of employees bringing this substance into the workplace.

Think of the short-term effects an individual might experience and the implications it might have when it comes to carrying out their duties as a result of using this drug. If 10% of your workforce had a cocaine habit how would it impact on your company?  


  • Loss of appetite

  • Increased heart rate, BP and body temperature

  • Contracted blood vessels

  • Increased breathing rate

  • Dilated pupils

  • Disturbed sleeping patterns

  • Nausea 

  • Hyperstimulation

  • Weird, unusual behaviour including violence

  • Hallucinations, excitability and irritability

  • Sensations that bugs are crawling under the skin

  • Intense euphoria

  • Anxiety, depression and paranoia 

  • Intense cravings for more cocaine

  • Panic and psychosis

  • Convulsions, including seizures and death, especially from high doses