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At DAS we pride ourselves on offering all our clients a responsive, competent and professional service. All our staff are highly qualified in their respective roles and thrive on delivering a service that ensures complete satisfaction, now and for as long as we are beneficial to our client’s needs. 


Under the Health and Safety at Work Act 1974, all employers are responsible, for implementing reasonable measures to safeguard the health and wellbeing of all their employees in the workplace. Providing a clean and safe environment is vital to the success of any company. 


Introducing a rigorous Drug and Alcohol Policy is the first step in protecting not only the health and safety of the workforce, it also has the power to enhance the company brand and reputation. Building a level of trust and respect as an employer who, not only has a long-term commitment to their employees’ health and wellbeing, they also pride themselves on creating value for money whilst providing an amazing service to their customers and clients. 


Implementing the Drug and Alcohol Policy is the key and sends a clear message to all employees that the use, sale or possession of illegal drugs on company property will not be tolerated. Idle threats will not keep those that abuse legal or illegal substances from continuing to do so, action must be taken.  


Whilst every company would like to think they are running a tight ship, ignorance is no excuse. Turning a blind eye to workers who may be under the influence of drugs or alcohol can often put other co-workers and the public at risk of injury or even death.


With the never-ending pressures in the workplace to perform, some employees often turn to substances to alleviate their current state of being, pain and suffering. As their employer you must take full responsibility for any unnecessary stress triggers that contribute to their unhelpful behaviour patterns that inevitably reinforce the need to abuse.  


Offering an Employee Assistance Plan (EAP) is a great way of showing support to employees who are struggling to carry out their duties without the need to enhance their state of being with a substance and becoming dependent on legal or illegal drugs and/or alcohol. 


Supporting all employees who are suffering couldn't be easier. By engaging DAS as external consultants we can draw up and implement a plan where individuals can seek advice and treatment as part of your company EAP support programme should they need it. By paying for any advice and treatment the employee agrees to adhere to the recommended programme. 

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